Training: The News Isn’t All Bad

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their support. Online comments, Twitter DMs, offline emails, phone calls, visits… every single one has been appreciated. Thank you for your kindness and your concern. I didn’t cry when I got hurt, but some of your notes and messages have reduced me to tears.

The Good News

It's all the rage on the slopes this year: the giant open-toed ski boot in slimming black.

I did get some good news! The luck of the draw got me a doctor who also specializes in sports medicine. We talked for a bit and he came away from the conversation knowing that I’ll do whatever it takes in the short term to ensure that I won’t have severe long-term problems. Based on that conversation, he decided to trust me to wear a removable boot rather than a permanent cast. I can remove the boot to bathe (yay!), but it must remain on for the other 23:50 of each 24-hour day. I can live with that.

The break is in the best possible place, an area that’s well-fed by plenty of blood vessels. This should result in a relatively fast, clean repair without surgery, as long as I follow his orders and keep the boot on. And if I follow his instructions and go to physical therapy later, he thinks that I should be able to start running again — albeit slowly — by December 1. This just seems too good to be true.

The Bad News

Of course, there’s also bad news: no driving for 6-8 weeks. Ouch. There’s going to need to be a significant lifestyle shift at my household, since my husband will have to do all grocery shopping plus preschool dropoffs and pickups while I sit with my foot elevated. Also, I’m not at all sure how I’m going to get to Milwaukee for the AMWA conference in November, but these are things I’ll work through over time.

General Whining (because hey, I’m entitled, at least for a few more days)

Today was spent at the doctor’s office and the DMV (twice) as we tried to get my temporary handicapped placard. I was almost turned away a second time because, and I quote, “a podiatrist isn’t the same as a physician.” It was the kind of day where little was accomplished, but I’m exhausted anyway.

This is my first broken bone and first time on crutches. I’m stunned by how awful they are, how tired I am and how much my arms and hands hurt from using them. They’re a serious cardio workout unto themselves.

And On the Bright Side…

I am allowed to exercise as much as I want, as long as I stay in the boot and put no weight on my foot. Looks like I’m going to have a killer upper body by the time all is said and done. I mentioned that I had a TRX and he suggested that I might be able to modify the moves by kneeling on a BOSU. I think I can do that!

And one final bit of good news: my Team in Training campaign manager says that I can roll the bulk of ┬ámy fundraising efforts over to an event next year, so I’m giving next year’s Nike half some serious thought. Hey, I put in all of this effort, and I want to have a race to show for it!

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  1. Molly Walker says:

    Oh, the pain. So sorry, and so glad you are coping well. It’s amazing how fragile the body is and yet . . . I know you will use this as an opportunity for reflection. Good luck and take care.

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