Training: Week 13

Sure, it's brightly colored and fun, but disassembly, cleanup and dragging to the driveway left me more exhausted than hill sprints. Neighbor's cat not included.

I slacked off a bit this week. I reached a point where I knew that if I stuck to the schedule, my work-life stress level would skyrocket, and decided that it was best to just take it easy and go with the flow.

The Plan

  • Monday, 8/16: 30 minute easy run
  • Tuesday, 8/17: Kickboxing plus tempo running circuits with the Team
  • Wednesday, 8/18: Stretching and heavy-duty household cross-training*
  • Thursday, 8/19: Kickboxing
  • Friday, 8/20: Mandatory rest
  • Saturday, 8/21: 6 miles with the Team
  • Sunday, 8/22: Cycling, park workout** and playtime

I needed to be down in the South Bay for most of the day on Thursday. When I woke that morning, I realized that I could stress myself out by going to kickboxing, rushing home, showering and hitting the road, or I could skip the workout — the first kickboxing class that I’ve missed for something other than travel since starting five months ago — in favor of getting some work done and actually feeling relaxed about life. I chose the latter. It still feels like it was the right thing to do.

* What’s household cross-training? Well, I ended up selling some stuff on Craig’s List — not for cash, but in exchange for Team in Training donations. The good news is that I’m now closing in on the $2,000 mark for fundraising. The bad news is that the disassembly and cleaning of some of these items turned out to be a serious workout in itself. Ever tried to pry apart an outdoor play structure, then scrub the thing clean? That alone took close to an hour.

** My 3-year-old son wanted to go for a bike (trailer) ride to the park. We ended up riding to two parks around town, and while I was there I used the park equipment to do some incline push-ups, pull-ups and hanging reverse crunches. This, of course, doesn’t include all of the times I had to lift the boy as well. Later, I rode to the supermarket, toting my groceries home in a backpack.

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