Plan: 30 minutes of running, 10 minutes of barefoot running. Completed: 28 minutes (2.38 miles), plus a few minutes of barefoot.

I wasn’t far into this run before two things occurred to me: 1) I really hate running in the afternoon or evening, because I always end up doing it on a much-too-full stomach, and 2) holy cow, Northern California is suddenly not cold and rainy anymore.

I’m used to running in the 50-degree temperatures and light clouds of 9:00 a.m. 75 and sunny is an entirely different and very unpleasant scenario. I was hot, sweaty and utterly unprepared for today’s run. I ran my favorite semi-shady trail, trying to find some protection from the sun, but it was no use. The need for shade may seem trivial, but I’m freckled like a redhead and have the ability to burn even wearing a hat and sunscreen while sitting under an umbrella. Yet another reason to do my runs in the morning when the sun’s rays aren’t as strong.

I’m trying to figure out how to best do the barefoot running. I certainly can’t do it on the rocky trail, and the park near my home presents a unique combination of challenges: dog walkers and daily sprinkler saturation. I need to survey my area and find the right venue for future runs.

Looking Ahead

Tuesday is supposed to be a night run, led by the team coach. Of course, Tuesday is also my kickboxing day. I hate to miss kickboxing for anything, but don’t know if the two things are doable on the same day. We’ll see by the end of tomorrow night.

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