Still Training

As I look at the date of my last training post — May 8! — I wonder how 10 days have passed so quickly. I have been training plenty, although not in the last two days while I’ve been traveling solo with the boy.

Some highlights from the past week:

  • Three kickboxing classes, including the Friday night class that includes lessons in self defense
  • One 5k run at something surprisingly close to my top-line speed
  • One session of Pilates to stretch me out before heading out on a redeye flight Saturday night

I brought my running shoes and workout clothes on this trip, but haven’t the faintest idea of how I’m going to do this with a 3-year-old in tow. I’ve got tons of downtime in the hotel each night, but can’t very well leave him alone in the room while I hit the gym. I gave some thought to buying a cheap stroller and taking him for a run, but it’s unexpectedly cold and pouring rain. And so, the best I can do for now is a quiet pseudo-yoga stretch in a dark hotel room before he wakes. It’s not nearly the same thing.

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