I have a kid. That means that every recipe I make either comes with a helper (known as the Tiny Kitchen Assistant) or his alter ego, Captain Distracto, who wants me to play baseball or Legos or do anything other than cook as dinnertime approaches.

Most of the meals are kid-friendly and easy enough to make in 30-45 minutes on a weeknight. The rare, time-consuming “weekend recipes” will be noted accordingly. Believe me, if I can make dinner six nights a week, you can, too.

Where do my recipes come from? Many are things that I’ve made for ages. Some are modifications of a single recipe; I link to or reference the original recipe wherever possible. Others are a strange hybrid of recipes that I find online; if I want to find a good stew recipe, for example, I’ll look at half a dozen and pick and choose the elements and techniques that work best for us.

Ready to cook?

Recent Recipes

Many Recipes

Lots of Recipes with Little Success When we were in Arizona, it was my quest to find the Anasazi beans that I really like. I had zero success, but I did find several other heirloom varieties that I wanted to try. Not black, pinto or kidney beans. Different. Unique. I’m probably the only person who goes […] Read More

Happy New Year!

No Resolutions Hi everyone! Happy new year! I know it’s been a while. Well, for you, anyway. As for me, I’ve composed dozens of very insightful, thought-provoking blog posts over the past few months. Unfortunately, they’ve only existed in my head, and somehow vanish into thin air any time I attempt to sit in front of […] Read More

First Day of School

Let’s Pretend Everything is Normal Oh, hello there, Internet. Nice to see you again. You still stop by in spite of the fact that I haven’t been writing? I am truly impressed. Well, we’re still in the hotel, and our ETA for moving back home is… hahahaha, you really thought we had an estimate? You’re […] Read More

Polenta with Rustic Sausage Sauce

How to Clean Out the Fridge I’ve been a terrible cooking slacker throughout baseball season. There were many uninspired slow cooker meals, and also a whole lot of reliance on Blue Apron and Gobble (I promise to write about Gobble soon; it’s like Blue Apron’s simpler cousin). But school is out, and I’ve once again returned […] Read More

Old Witch’s Magic Nut Cake

From a Child’s Storybook Last year, around the time of the harvest of the great punkini, we had my husband’s colleague over for dinner. He told the story of how his all-time favorite dessert is a pumpkin-based cake, Old Witch’s Magic Nut Cake, from one of his childhood storybooks. Naturally, I had to look it […] Read More