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Which Nuu-Muu Do I Wear?

Internet, I have a very important favor to ask. I need you to choose my running gear.

With my through-the-vineyards half marathon coming up next Saturday, what should I wear? The one that looks like vines? Yellow or red to represent chardonnay or cabernet?


Anyone who runs with me on a regular basis knows that I’m a loyal Nuu-Muu fan. Their exercise dresses — particularly the Ruu-Muu style with the pockets in the back — are exactly what I need when I’m out for a run. They also work great for cycling, travel and general everyday wear. While many of their fans wear them as dresses, they’re much more of a tunic at my height. That’s fine with me.


That was me after yesterday’s run, a solo shot through the regular vineyard trail. I thought I was struggling mightily, but it wasn’t until the turnaround point at 3 miles that I checked my app and realized that I’d gone out WAY too fast.

Two weeks ago, I was blown away by the fact that we had run 29 seconds/mile faster than usual. Today I was floored to check my final stats and realize that I finished another 59 seconds/mile faster than that.

Strange things are afoot. I can’t explain it. Witchcraft, maybe.

I know that a lot of you are struggling with a Spring that is stubbornly not arriving. Here’s a little more hope for you: the vines are starting to sprout new leaves. There will be wine.


Have a good Sunday, everyone. And please, leave your running gear recommendations in the comments.

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