Increasing Mileage

Finding My Running Legs

saturday-runTwo weeks ago, I went out for my first run since early November. It sucked. It was the sort of humbling experience that made me regret ever stopping and made me wonder why I was starting again.

And then, last weekend, I ran again. Same route. Same running buddy.

It sucked less, even with increasing mileage.

I always forget that. The first mile of every run is always awful. The first run is always awful. But if I just keep going….

Which led to a conversation with The Assistant (enthusiastic) and my non-runner husband (who looked appropriately glazed over). The Assistant agrees that the first mile is always awkward, “but once your engine warms up, it’s not so bad.” He’s never gone further than a 5k (3.1 miles), but he was intrigued by my assessment that there’s a bell curve for runs: high levels of suck, followed by a long stretch of non-suck — pretty much from the 1 mile mark to around 8 miles, when I require additional fuel.

The fact that I could come out of the gate and do a 10k (6.2 miles) in my second week with no training base? There was a time where that would have seemed impossible. Now that’s an ordinary Saturday. It’s interesting.

And with a 10k in mind, I’ve registered for the Another Mother Runner No Limits 10k training plan. It has four days of running each week. That’s unusual for me. Even during Team in Training seasons I only do two to three days a week.

February-trainingI’m not always running during the week. I log about six miles of walking a day to and from school, plus my morning walk. I don’t always have the time for the run and post-run shower, but I can usually manage a decent length walk before I start my workday. The “Gotta get it done” notices show me which days I can’t skimp on the run/shower, and which days a walk will do.

Now I just need to find a 10k race to fit into my schedule in May.

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