Half Plus Half

My 2nd Half Marathon

BridgeAs this post goes live, I’ll be somewhere along Aquatic Park in San Francisco, about to run my second half marathon in a month. Considering that I’ve never even run two half marathons in a year before, this is somewhat uncharted territory for me.

It all started last year when my friend, Greg, sent me a Groupon or some other coupon for more than half off the registration price for the US Half Marathon. Irrationally buoyed by the cheap price and the distant race date, I registered.

And then I promptly forgot until Greg reminded me.


At the moment, the weather looks fine for a hilly climb through the city and across the Golden Gate Bridge. I’m just hoping that I’m not hurting too badly at the end.

Unlike Nürnberg, this time I’ll actually remember to take pictures for a follow-up post.

Here’s hoping that we all have a good Sunday, wherever we may be.

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