Homemade Mozzarella

Mad Millie Italian Cheese Kit

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 8.25.47 PMLast Christmas, I searched for a gift for The Husband Who Wants Nothing, and discovered this: the Mad Millie Italian Cheese Kit. It was met with much fanfare, much excitement… and much gathering dust for half a year.

But finally — FINALLY — Mad Millie emerged from the box. And lo… behold… it was good.

As it turns out, cheese making takes a bit of patience, but isn’t really all that hard. It’s also a good activity for the family, one that you get to eat when you’re done.

homemade-mozzarellaThe Husband has made two batches so far: one for pizzas and another to accompany a harvest of fresh tomatoes from our friend’s garden.

After a little bit of awkwardness with the first few cheese balls, he found a groove and quickly became a world-champion cheese maker.


Ease: Moderate

Cost: Kind of pricey when you factor in the kit, milk and labor.

cauliflower-crustFun: It kept the husband entertained, not just for cheese making, but for the sudden inspiration of pizza making afterward. That works out to be a win for me.

(Some of our homemade mozzarella is pictured on the cauliflower pizza to the right.)

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