That Thing Where Your Whole Website Vanishes

Always Back Up

Not what you ever want to see on your blog.

Not what you ever want to see on your blog.

Yesterday, I forked over my long-overdue (oops) subscription fee for my blog theme, installed it and… nothing. Betty vanished.

After a barrage of foul language and much adrenaline-fueled panic, I managed to restore to a previous version and get the blog back up and running. I have never been so happy to see an archived version of anything, ever.

So what did this point out, other than the fact that I can be a bit of a dumbass sometimes? It highlighted the fact that I should really give some semi-regular thought to the look, style and usability of this website. Funny how I can do that for my clients, yet finding the time to do it for my own project seems like an impossibility. I have two websites, and neither has had a significant update since 2010. Sad but true. Hopefully this will inspire me to make some changes in the coming months. Or years.

It also was a good reminder to have a master list of all Things With Recurring Charges to update when the credit card info changes. Sure, I managed to tackle the big things, but those once-a-year renewals are easy to let slip through the cracks.

To review:

  1. Always back up your files
  2. Periodically review your theme and decide how you can improve it
  3. Always back up your files
  4. Remember to update your credit card expiration date with all key organizations
  5. Always back up your files

Now, time to go find a recipe plugin.

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