Birthday Season: Angel Food Cake

Angel Food: A Betty Tradition

My cake, Betty's Coke bottle.

My cake, Betty’s Coke bottle.

This is a repeat from 2011, but it’s the recipe that I used to make the Tiny Kitchen Assistant’s birthday cake this week. It comes from Alton Brown and it’s always a winner.

Use whatever flavor of extract floats your boat. The original recipe calls for orange, and I usually do almond, but this year I upped the ante and went with coconut extract from The Spice House just because I could. Let me tell you: the coconut is the way to go. It’s a subtle coconutty flavor that sets it apart from what you expect from an angel food cake.

And if you have your grandmother’s 50-year-old Coke bottle that’s always been exclusively used for cooling angel food cakes? So much the better.

A separate bowl will save you.

A separate bowl will save you.

Also, just a little reminder before you embark on this project:

  1. Always buy more eggs than you need. Do you really think that you’ll be able to separate 12 egg whites without breaking a single yolk?
  2. Separate your whites in a tiny little bowl. Did that white come through unscathed? Great! Add it to the big bowl and move on to the next one. There’s nothing more frustrating than flubbing the separation on the 11th egg and having to start all over because you just used one bowl.

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