Nutella French Toast

Nutella and Fruit French Toast

In the continuing saga of my deficiencies as a blogger, my child has once again demanded that I take dictation for the sake of spelling accuracy, as he tells how to make his favorite French toast. All commentary is his unless noted in [brackets].

“First, you take the soft bread [challah] and make thick slices with the bumpy knife [serrated].”



“Then you get a bowl from the cabinet and whisk a couple of eggs, a big splash of milk. And vanilla extract. Just a tiny splash. Use the whisker to kind of blend it all together.

Then dunk your bread in, just long enough to make it wet on the outside but not wet all the way through like a washcloth.

Then you put that on the big pancake skillet [teflon] coated with just a touch of butter, for flavor. You cook that for a bit, until the bottom starts to turn a light brown color. You have to peek under with the spatula.┬áThen you flip it over and do it again.”



“So when they’re all cooked and brown and pretty, take them off the skillet and put them on a plate. Put a big dollop of Nutella on there. Then put fruit on the top.”


“And then you let your kid have the first plate!”



“You don’t need syrup, ’cause there’s a lot of sugar in there already. And that’s it! Yum!”

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  1. Lori says:

    What time should I come by for breakfast? I’ll take my fruit on the side, please.

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