Training: Ride On

Replacing the Car with a Bike

With the trunk bag in place, only partially dorkified.

With the trunk bag in place, only partially dorkified.

I feel like I shouldn’t call the Sunday night posts “training” anymore. I’m not really training for anything, although I am registered to run two 5k races in Dallas next weekend. Like a crazy person.

What I have been doing is riding my bike daily. I’ve gone 74.8 miles so far this month, and 51.1 of those miles have been car replacement miles — miles that I would have normally logged in the car. Considering that I’ve been away and bikeless for the last two days, that’s kind of impressive (in my humble opinion). Ok, so it’s not the same as training for a half marathon, but it’s sneaky exercise, fitting it into unexpected places in my life.

With the exception of a headlight and taillight — neither of which will be needed until fall — the dorkification of my bike is complete. I have a removable¬†front basket, a back rack that gives me the option of a trunk bag or panniers, and a pretty sizable backpack. I’m all set. If you’d told me 15 years ago that I’d turn my hybrid bike into a cargo hauler, I would have laughed at you. I still don’t quite understand it myself. Thus is the power of the Tiny Assistant and his healthy habits dream.

As the days get longer, what have you been doing? Riding? Walking? Running? Training for something in particular?

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