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Obsessing Over Breaking News

If ever there was a week that needed some flowers, this was it. Thanks, Trader Joe's.

If ever there was a week that needed some flowers, this was it. Thanks, Trader Joe’s.

Hell of a week, eh? Ever since noon on Monday, my week has been pretty much limited to work, steering the Tiny Kitchen Assistant away from all news sources while simultaneously obsessing over every incorrect bit of breaking news, and snacking like my life depended on it.

The latter was the most bizarre. I’m not usually a stress eater, but this week was unreal. I seriously reached a point where I had plowed through everything snackable in the entire house, including all of the cheese and crackers, and was seriously debating knocking on the neighbors’ door to ask if they had any chocolate. Unusual times call for desperate measures.

This week, I’ll be going on my first-ever diet. No, not a food diet. Good lord, that would make me miserable. Instead, I’m putting hard limits on the amount of time that I can spend on social media, and I am Absolutely, Positively Never Ever Clicking on Unedited, Unfiltered Videos Again.

Lest you think that I spent the entire week attached to my devices like a junkie (ahem), I did manage to leave the house and the snacks every so often, and the Tiny Kitchen Assistant’s walk/ride mandate of earlier this month is still going strong. In fact, I’ve realized that I’ve ridden my bike about 50 miles between errand-running, car-replacement rides and recreational jaunts with the kiddo. Not bad at all, really.

Tonight I’m researching new workout plans, trying to figure out some structure for my days. Because of some significant time commitments, and a lot of planned travel, I’m not going to be returning to Team in Training this summer. I’m a little sad about it, because I miss my teammates and my coach, but a distance race like Nike just isn’t in my plans for this year, and I need to find an alternate solution.

Several friends on Facebook have suggested CrossFit as the only way to go. Do you agree? What other alternatives do you recommend?

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