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New Year’s Non-Resolutions

I may not have run during vacation, but I did climb many, many steps to and from Dover Castle.

I may not have run during vacation, but I did climb many, many steps to and from Dover Castle.

So here we are, in the first weekend of the new year. While I don’t make any resolutions per se, I did have a plan that once the holiday break ended and my schedule returned to normal, I’d set some work-related boundaries and get back into regular daily exercise.


The good news is that I actually¬†have set some work boundaries, and have made room in my schedule for something other than conference calls each morning. The bad news is that we returned from London with 2/3 of the family sick as dogs, meaning that my best intentions have been thwarted by a small, sick person who couldn’t go to day care.

In spite of my ongoing jetlag and sleepless nights being awakened by the kiddo every hour, I dragged myself out of the house on Saturday morning and met a group of Team in Training alumni to go running.

Years ago, when we first moved to California, I swore that I’d never, ever complain about the cold. Well, today I’m going to break that promise. Try as I might to convince myself otherwise, there’s no arguing that 33 degrees is cold running weather no matter where you are.

I shuffled my way through 3.5 miles, made a quick stop at the farmer’s market and Trader Joe’s, and headed back home to take a hot shower and play nursemaid to the two patients. Was it a good run? Ha, not a bit. I never fully warmed up and my limbs flailed around like we’d never ever run before. And yet, there was something so therapeutic about just being out of the house in the daylight and doing¬†something.

And so, barring sick child calamity tomorrow, I’ll be returning to the relative warmth of the gym, along with the resolution crowds. It won’t be ideal, but with any luck it will be the start of a proper routine.

Now if I can just find a way to get back to kickboxing and Zumba classes, I’ll be all set.

What will you be doing this week?

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2 Responses

  1. I will be attempting to remember how to run and finding out whether I can actually run the 10k this Saturday or will need to take advantage of the “decide at the start line whether to run 5k or 10k” option. And I need to get back to healthy eating (as soon as these last two pieces of wedding cake are gone) so I can fit back into my wedding dress for our Texas reception on the 26th. Which will be complicated by all of the queso I intend to eat while in Texas the week before the reception.

  2. Alisa says:

    I see no issue with an all-queso diet. When in Rome… or Texas… I mean, you just have to.

    I’m sure you can do the 10k, although if my Saturday run is any guideline, it won’t be a fast run at any distance.

    I did go to the gym today. Work boundaries! Look at me go!

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