Betty Says: An Open Letter to Kids’ Footwear Manufacturers

Kids’ Cleats Need Velcro

Harness the power of velcro.

Dear Shoe Manufacturers,

I’m the parent of an active, athletic kid. He’s 6 years old now, the age where all athletic shoes have laces.

I’m begging you: please change this.

In every single U6 soccer game or practice, there’s at least one kid who ends up kicking his shoe off. Sometimes there are two or three. And every single time, that kid has to come off the field while a parent frantically struggles to untie the double knot that they’ve used to keep the laces from coming undone.

Untie laces.

Loosen laces.

Jam foot in.


Double knot.

Only then can the kid go back in the game.

Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone, and better in general, if the kid could just rip open the velcro himself, shove his foot back in, re-stick the velcro and go?

Honestly, I don’t understand the point of laces on sports shoes for the little kids. If there’s any kind of shoe that benefits from a tight, secure fit, it’s an athletic shoe. And yet 6-year-olds — while mostly capable of tying a bow — still can’t manage the dexterity required to tie their shoes tightly enough to keep them secure.

So please, PLEASE, can you just make it easier on parents and go with the velcro?

Much appreciated,


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