What Not to Cook: Impossibly Easy Pie

Bisquick Impossibly Easy Pie

Not that easy, and not that good.

It should probably go without saying that anything made with Bisquick is… well, it’s more the stuff that my mother would have made in the Packaged Goods 1980s than what I would cook today. But I was feeling kind of nostalgic for the comfort foods of my childhood. I didn’t have any Velveeta to make mac and cheese (would I even still like that today?), but after seeing Bisquick recipes constantly being repinned on Pinterest, I realized that I could whip up homemade Bisquick baking mix to make impossibly easy pies.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. I have Team in Training track workouts on Tuesday nights, so I like to make foods that the guys can reheat while I’m out. This seemed like the sort of thing that would work.

Have you seen these recipes? Have you pinned them? Can I stop you right now before you make them?

I fed them to the Tiny Kitchen Assistant who said, “Oooh! These are yummy!”

I took a bite. “Really?” I asked. “You like them?”

“Well, no. Not really,” he said. “But I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

They’re not inedible. They’re just… just… well, they’re just not good. They’re not very comforting, they’re not particularly tasty, and they take about an ┬áhour to make from start to finish, which makes them more time consuming than most things that I make.

So please, if you’re considering it: skip the impossibly easy pies. Your family will thank you.

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