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A few weeks ago, my friend emailed several of us a photo of a new hairstyle that she wanted to try. This prompted someone to return the email with a picture of the short, cropped, blonde style slapped on top of her long, dark hair like a toupee. Of course, she’d used one of those hairstyle try-on apps, and I decided to give it a whirl myself, just out of curiosity.

The concept is cool: take a snapshot of yourself with your iPad camera, and the app will layer celebrity hairstyles over yours, with hilarious results.

Seriously, the InStyle app was the most fun I’ve had with an iPad. The more absurd the style, the more fun it is!

Behold: me with Rihanna’s hair!

How about me as Christina Hendricks?

Or Zooey Deschanel. (Can she even see past those bangs?)

Ashlee Simpson?

Oh, I know: Reese Witherspoon.

In all honesty, though, it is a cool app. Once you find a style, you can change the color, so you’re not exclusively limited to the extensive collection of blonde hairdos that generally tend to accompany celebrities. For example, here’s Dianna Agron’s hair in three colors: original blonde and then modified to be darker and and redder.

But then again, I could be a platinum blonde like Gwen Stefani.

But I don’t think that really suits me. I think it comes down to the final two contenders. Which do you prefer: Farrah Fawcett or Katy Perry?

Have you ever played with one of these hair styling apps? Did you have nearly as much fun as I did?

(And in all honesty, this is one of my favorite hairdos of all time. I wish I could make it work!)


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  1. Alisa says:

    Comment of the day, sent via email:

    “Can you imagine how amazing it would be to see you in the Katy Perry running in a marathon? I can hear the cheers now.”

    And to think, me with my aversion to the pinkification of running gear, running with pink hair! That would be a sight to behold. 🙂

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