Homemade Butter: Because You Can

Homemade Butter

Now that you’ve mastered homemade yogurt, why not try making your own butter?

I don’t usually refer you to other blogs for recipes, but there’s nothing I can add to Bryn’s awesome walkthrough of how to make homemade butter on Do you read Bryn’s blog? You should.

Here in the Bay Area, you can get relatively locally sourced heavy cream at stores like Sprouts and select Raley’s locations (at Raley’s, you’ll find it in the organic dairy aisle).

Why make your own butter? Well, why not? It tastes delicious and it’s not complicated to make. If you can operate a stand mixer, you can make butter.

It’s so easy that you can whip up a batch on an ordinary weeknight.


This isn’t baking butter. This is the kind of butter that you spread on a warm buttermilk biscuit, or a piece of bread that’s still warm from the oven. As such, the Tiny Kitchen Assistant — who still believes that butter is an ingredient that shouldn’t ever be seen — wants no parts of it. He’s in the minority here. Adults (and normal kids) will love this butter.

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