Betty Says: Just Talk

You don't need a wall full of bibs or a drawer full of race shirts to be a real runner.

Over the past few months, I found myself repeatedly crossing paths with a woman who looked like a serious runner. She had the gear, the KT tape… she was definitely a “real” runner.

Naturally, I thought that she was completely out of my league.

And then, one day, as I slogged away on the elliptical at the gym, she appeared next to me, two machines over. “I love your skirt,” she said. “I was admiring it at school this morning. Your kids go to XYZ school, right?” And that simple gesture started a 30 minute conversation about running, foam rollers, Nike Women’s Marathon, Team in Training, injury recovery, Chi running and the upcoming Fun Run for the school. She scooted over to the elliptical next to mine for easier conversation. It was the fastest cardio session I’ve ever had.

“It’s so nice to have another runner to talk to,” she said.

She — with her 2:00 goal half marathon finish — considered me to be part of the club.

I was floored. And delighted.

So here’s my advice to you: don’t think that anyone is out of your league. Just talk.

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised to find that a “real runner” thinks that you’re part of the tribe?

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