Training: Remember When I Used to Post About My Training?

No, I didn't finish in 79th place. Not even close.

Ok, I’ve been a bit of a posting slacker lately, but really, there wasn’t much to report for quite some time. But last Sunday, I ran the Race to Stop the Silence 8K in Washington, DC. I had many things to talk about after that, but seeing how I was traveling and tired… well, it just didn’t happen. So now you get a week-old race report.

The good news: I met and ran with two of my longtime internet friends, @delfuego and @superfantastic who, as it turns out, have a San Antonio middle school in common (everyone hum the It’s a Small World Song now). The rainy race day that we had anticipated turned out to be sunny and gorgeous. And DC is a fabulous venue for running because it’s so blissfully flat, which enabled me to hit an average pace of 10:44/mile. And in a span of five days in New York City and Washington DC, I walked more than 25 miles.

The bad news: After nearly two months off from running at all, I was quietly cursing @delfuego for talking me into the 8K over the 5K, particularly at that point where the 5K runners split and head for the finish while we slog away on our (my) already dead legs. (But it seemed like such a good idea when I registered….) If my running partners hadn’t been chugging along effortlessly, I would have walked much more than I did. I now know that I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me as we head into Team in Training season.

Not the dreadful rain that had been forecast mere days before the race.

This week, I finally realized that I was finally feeling better when it dawned on me that the school year is rapidly coming to a close, which will enable me to return to kickboxing (kindergarten start times conflicted with class schedules). But then I started thinking: kickboxing is Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Zumba is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Team in Training is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Hmmm. There’s much schedule shuffling to be done. When I started to contemplate whether I could do Zumba on Tuesday mornings and still have enough leg left to make it through Tuesday night’s Team hill repeats, I realized that maybe — just maybe — I’m back to normal. Or insane. Either one.

And speaking of Team in Training… ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I’d like to present the Training Captain for the 2012 Fall (Nike Women’s Marathon) Season: me. Yes, that’s right, kids: I’m the leader of this pack. Would anyone like to join me?

Does anyone else have fitness scheduling conflicts?

Also, I’m looking for a fast and flat half marathon course for late October or November. Any suggestions?

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2 Responses

  1. Honestly, our running pace was a bit fast for me and I was pretty relieved to get the walk breaks. No effortless running here.

    And yes, as a matter of fact, I do have a half to recommend on November 11 in Pensacola.

  2. Alisa says:

    It makes me feel infinitely better to know that someone who is training consistently thought that the pace was too fast. Thank you!

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