Training: Unconventional

He ran. I didn't.

I drove the Tiny Kitchen Assistant to southern California last week, a tour of Anaheim and San Diego to feed his insatiable desire for baseball, baseball and more baseball (he’s now been to eight major league stadiums).

In addition to 1,000 road miles, we also did a lot of unconventional exercise. Sure, there was plenty of walking (easiest thing to do with a preschooler in tow), but I also got in some strength training at the hotel pool with a program known as “Catch me! Now lift me out of the pool!” Repeat that for 45 minutes and I’ll guarantee that you’ll feel your arms, shoulders and back.

We didn’t make it home in time for me to drive out to Clif Bar HQ in Emeryville for Saturday morning’s long run, but I made do with incessant house work and yard work throughout the course of the weekend, pruning trees, planting plants and hoisting laundry basket after laundry basket (who wore all of these clothes, anyway?)

It’s all back to normal now: kickboxing, Pilates and track workouts are on the agenda for the first half of the week.

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