Training: Home Again

So tired that I mistakenly caged the boy instead of the tomato plants.*

When you’re trying to stick with a routine, never underestimate the value of being home and… uh… having a routine.

The Plan

  • Monday: Travel (off)
  • Tuesday: Kickboxing
  • Wednesday: Pilates
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Gym
  • Saturday: Yard work
  • Sunday: Yard work

Getting back to kickboxing felt so good, even though the class itself was unusually hard. Was it me? Was it the new combinations? Was it the group of blondes who did nothing but talk loudly, thereby distracting me? Was it the woman who had to finish each set with a loud, “Woo!” Whatever the reason, my butt had been thoroughly kicked by the end of class.

That, of course, made Wednesday’s Pilates session all the more necessary. My hip flexors were stretched, my back extended and my abs worked. By Wednesday night it was very clear that my body needed a day off, so Thursday was declared to be a recovery day.

For those of you who don’t believe that yard work counts as a workout, you’ve never hoisted six bags of compost between the display and cart, cart and car, car and garden, all while wrangling a 4-year-old. And then I got to dig up all of the garden beds, integrate the compost and then finally, finally make the boy happy by putting the plants in the ground. There will be ibuprofen in my future, I can feel it now.

I have a deadline-laden week ahead, but it’s important to me to stick to a semi-normal routine before I head to Sacramento on Sunday for my next business trip. There’s only two weeks left before Team in Training kicks off, and I’m determined (obsessed) with starting out in better shape than I did last year.

* No boys were harmed in this photo from last year. In all the others he’s laughing like a nut, but those aren’t nearly as funny.

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