24 Hour Fitness

An entire fleet of TRX straps!

Those who know me in real life probably know that over the years I’ve said more than a few disparaging things about the 24 Hour Fitness here in my town. It was, to put it bluntly, a dump. From the battleship gray walls to the worn-out equipment, it was like The Gym That Time Forgot.

No more. Last month, 24 Hour opened a new, fancy, flat-out gorgeous facility just down the road. It. Is. Awesome. It’s bright, airy, clean and the locker doors are still attached at both hinges! All kidding aside, though, it’s really a lovely site, and supposedly the model upon which new 24 Hour Fitness locations will be built. There’s a spacious group fitness room, a three-lane lap pool, a seemingly ridiculous number of weight machines and a second floor filled with cardio equipment with the ultimate luxury of self-controlled DirecTV. Yes, I will freely admit that I’ll spend a lot longer on the elliptical when I can watch an hour of Hugh Laurie in House reruns rather than trying to read the minuscule print of Wired magazine, which is just small enough to be utterly illegible when the reader is moving.

But the most exciting part was the realization that they have an entire section dedicated to the TRX. I love my TRX, and I do use it at home, but it works much better when you can have the range of motion that comes with mounting it to an overhead bar instead of the door. I have a feeling that you’ll be seeing me spend a lot of time in this area… after House is over, of course.

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