Another One Bites the Dust

A beautiful sunrise and another chance at a fresh start.

You probably made a few resolutions before the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve. So… how are you doing with that?

You’ve probably broken a few. You’re probably feeling a little bit guilty about that. And you probably feel like the world’s biggest slacker. Here’s a tip: ask around the office or call your friends. Chances are good that most of their resolutions have already been broken, too.

So what went wrong? You probably tried to work in absolutes: Starting January 1, I’m going to (always/never) do XYZ. Except that life doesn’t work like that.

Sure, you intend to go to the gym five days a week, but then your kid brings home The School Cold and you’re either sick or playing caregiver for two weeks.

Or you swore that you’d eat more fruits and vegetables, but then went on a business trip where the closest thing you could find to a vegetable was an iceberg lettuce wedge covered in bleu cheese dressing and bacon bits.

Or maybe you promised yourself that you would find time to write the great American novel, but realized that spending another 30 minutes a dayin front of your computer would make you insane.

Allow me to absolve you of your guilt. Every day is a fresh start. Maybe you didn’t (or couldn’t) make the best choices yesterday. Today is another day, another start to a 365-day cycle, and you’re welcome to start over again: no guilt, no worry. I won’t tell.

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