Finding Balance with BOSU

My BOSU, the saving grace of my home-based workouts during my injury downtime.

With all due respect to the company, there’s something about the name BOSU that just sounds silly. I can assure you that after a serious workout with one of these half-dome gadgets, you won’t be laughing anymore.

The BOSU acronym originally stood for “both sides up,” meaning that it could be used on either side, dome-side-up or flat-side-up. With the dome side facing up, it works like a more anchored stability ball — you still get the benefits of an uneven surface, but without the worry that the ball will slip out from under you (yes, I’ve had this happen). Flip the BOSU over and try to do push-ups while the platform rocks beneath you.

In a past life, I used to own a Pilates and yoga studio. One of my favorite classes was an all-BOSU Pilates class that did wonders for my balance and core strength. I still use mine in conjunction with 5-pound dumbbells, resistance tubes and even my TRX to improve my overall physical condition, particularly in a low-impact or no-impact way during my recovery period.

You can see more of what the BOSU is capable of on its YouTube channel. Most of the clips show pretty intense aerobic sessions, but you can also use it to add a little bit more wobble and core focus to almost any stretching or strength workout.

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