Training: Still Going

My home exercise setup: a cushy mat, foam roller, light dumbbells and a resistance band.

What, you thought that a broken bone would stop me? Ok, sure, it has put a damper on… uh… everything, but I’m not just going to sit around and do nothing for 6-8 weeks. You should know me better than that.

Before I even contemplated doing anything, I ran it past Mercy, my longtime trainer, Pilates instructor and recreational therapist. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to do anything foolish. We agreed that as long as I didn’t put weight on the foot or flex my ankle (the boot prevents that), I was free to do whatever felt comfortable.

The crutches have made me awfully cranky. My triceps, wrists and shoulders have been aching, and I needed to do something that worked out those kinks while simultaneously strengthening those necessary muscles.

I started out slow with nothing more than basic stretching just to offset the tightness that came along with the crutches. By Thursday, I was sitting in a chair, geriatric-style, and using 5-pound dumbbells to work on my biceps, triceps and shoulders. I followed that with some quality time on the mat, stretching out my back on the foam roller (ahhhhh!) and doing some crunches.┬áNo, it’s not the same as running double-digit mileage or 60 minutes of kickboxing, but it feels good to do something. My body has been going full-tilt since April, and it’s not terribly happy about the abrupt transition to constant downtime.

I’ve gotten more than my share of cardio this weekend, just from getting out and about on crutches. Yesterday I braved the kids’ used clothing sale, a lot of walking and crowds even when you have two functional feet. Today I managed to get through half of Target, the telltale click-click-click of my crutches echoing on the hard floors. You can’t miss me, but boy, are my arms getting strong!

My plan for the coming week is to move on to more balance work. I can use the Bosu to incorporate some knee-based balance training. I also think that I can use the combination of the Bosu and TRX to create a modified upper body routine, a combination that will help with the strength and balance that I need for crutches.

And in Team in Training News…

I’ve gotten the good news that I can defer my registration until next year’s Nike Women’s Marathon. I’ll get to roll over the bulk of my fundraising, have plenty of time to rehab my foot with shorter races and still be able to train with the team all summer. I’m actually pretty excited about it. My coach says that he’s going to hold me to my promise to return. I told him that I’d definitely be back; after all, I have a race to run.

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