Quick Dessert: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

You can't tell me that this doesn't look fancy and delicious.

Sometimes you need a quick dessert that doesn’t look like you just went to Safeway and bought the $2.99 box of chocolate chip cookies. Behold: chocolate-covered strawberries. I’ve never known anyone that wasn’t impressed by them.

Why use the store-bought stuff instead of melting your own chocolate at home? The packaged stuff contains mysterious ingredients that give the chocolate that hard, solid coating (I’d prefer not to think about what kind of chemical additives are included). Regular chocolate doesn’t dry properly.


  • Strawberries, washed and air-dried on a rack
  • 1 container of microwavable chocolate coating from the produce department


Microwave the chocolate according to package directions.

Dip berries into chocolate.

Allow to cool on wax paper.

Yes, it’s that easy.


They’re a hit with everyone, including the Tiny Kitchen Assistant who seems compelled to nibble all of the chocolate off before eating the berry.

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