The Slowest Thing on Two Wheels

20 lbs of trailer, 30+ lbs of kid... I don't go anywhere fast.

There are people, like my neighbors, who dress in cycling gear and take their road bikes out for 60-mile rides. Me? Once a week, I hook up the kiddie trailer and lumber around town.

I try to spend most of Sunday morning on the bike. It’s the perfect day for a ride, because we rarely have to be anywhere at a particular time.

We often start the day with a ride to a coffee shop — sometimes the local one, but occasionally we feel ambitious enough to embark on the journey to the shop several miles away in the next town. After that, it’s a ride to the park (seen here) and sometimes even a side trip to the supermarket for last-minute ingredients for Sunday dinner. Yes, the trailer does a fantastic job of doubling as a trunk for grocery storage, but I can also fit an astonishing amount of stuff into a backpack when I go out without the trailer. A word of advice, though: avoid buying grapes if you’re doing the backpack method. They never make it home intact.

No, it’s not exactly the Tour de France, but it does get us out and about on a day where we would otherwise rely on our car, and even leisure-paced cycling is estimated to burn nearly 300 calories an hour. Not bad for a family-friendly workout.

Note my son’s completely awesome Nutcase watermelon bike helmet dangling from my handlebars. REI sells them in both kids’ and adults’ sizes. They also sell my nondescript yet functional Bell helmet, but that’s not nearly as cool.

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