Reduce Risk of Heart Disease with Tea, Coffee

I drink Peet's Summer House blend all year long. Seen here in my favorite bottle, en route from SJC to DFW.

“People who drink a lot of tea or drink coffee in moderation are less likely to die of heart disease than coffee and tea abstainers, new research suggests.” As a bit of an iced tea obsessive, this news from WebMD made me very happy, and it was probably something that Betty already knew. After all, she would drink a cup of coffee — a cup, not a giant mug — with every meal, even on a hot, humid summer day.

This is not the first study showing beneficial ties between coffee and tea and heart disease. Two studies in 2008 came to similar conclusions about coffee and green tea, specifically. This study indicates that similar benefits can be found in black tea as well. Black tea is more common in the U.S., used to make iced tea or given as the default Lipton tea bag.

Why are coffee and tea so good for you? Researchers suspect that the beneficial element comes from flavonoids, powerful antioxidants. Flavonoids are also found in red wine, red grapes, dark chocolate, blueberries and red beans.

Now you can feel less guilty when enjoying a cup of Blue Bottle and some Ghirardelli dark chocolate. After all, you’re doing it for your heart, right?

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  1. Greg O. says:

    Another confirmation my daily latte, cup of coffee and three cups o’ green tea are good for me. Thanks!

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