Training: Faster Than Expected, Week 12

He sat at the top of the hill with a camera, taking so many pictures that I could create a stop-motion film. By the time I got close, everything was clearly taken from a 3-year-old's vantage point.

After struggling to do my long run by myself last Saturday, I decided to do my long run with the team this week. Not only did it make the run easier psychologically, but my per-mile time was almost a minute faster than what I’d anticipated at that distance.

The Plan

  • Monday, 8/9: Mandatory rest
  • Tuesday, 8/10: Kickboxing
  • Wednesday, 8/11: Hill sprints, with a tiny assistant
  • Thursday, 8/12: Kickboxing
  • Friday, 8/13: Mandatory rest
  • Saturday, 8/14: 8 miles with the Team
  • Sunday, 8/15: 45+ minutes of cycling and playing with the boy

My husband was traveling again this week, which made it impossible to make it to Team practice on Tuesday night. I had debated getting a sitter, but my very supportive 3-year-old suggested that the best thing to do was to do hill sprints on the big hill outside school, with his coaching and support. And that’s what we did.

I was supposed to do six hill repeats, but my miniature coach demanded that I do an extra two before we ran together through the park for a cooldown lap. I was surprised that someone so small could hold his own on an easy run for nearly 0.8 miles. Not bad at all!

On Saturday, I ran with the Team. Half marathoners were required to do an eight mile loop. I hit the four mile mark on the trail, turned around and headed back. I passed our coach around the 5-mile mark. “Everything ok?” he asked. I said yes, I was just heading back, but by this point I was disappointed that I was runwalking after starting out too quickly.

He laughed at me. “Do you realize that you’re about two miles ahead of some of the runners? You’re doing great!” That little bit of affirmation was enough to propel me ahead to a surprisingly good time, one that will mean a sub-2:30 half and a more than 30 minute improvement over my previous best time if I can just maintain that pace on a longer, hillier course. I still have nine weeks and several progressively longer runs to go, so I’m hoping to see continued improvement in both endurance and pace.

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  1. Greg O. says:

    Alisa, needless to say, a 30-minute h-m improvement would be positively huge (and certainly worth bonus antioxidant chocolate as a reward).

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