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My freckles, post-workout.

Like Betty, I have freckles. Most of my workouts occur outdoors. This combination could prove disastrous without the proper sunscreen. After all, I just don’t have the sort of skin that should ever be exposed to sunlight.

Now, you can read every sunscreen review that’s out there, but here’s a sunscreen tip for you: the best sunscreen is the one that you’re most willing to wear. If it feels heavy, sticky or otherwise unpleasant, you’re going to go without. This defeats the purpose.

In my world, there are three kinds of sunscreen: face, everyday body, and I’m-spending-the-day-outdoors.

For my face, I’m very happy with the new Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunblock. It goes on so light and sheer that it’s easy to forget that I’m wearing it. It just shows how far we’ve come since the 1970s when sunscreens felt like a coating of Elmer’s glue.

My everyday body sunscreen is Creme de Corps Lightweight Body Lotion SPF 30, a combination lotion and sunscreen from Kiehls. It’s a splurge, but it’s light, smells good, moisturizes well, and is the first I’ve found that I’m willing to apply daily.

This year, my all-day-outdoors sunscreen of choice is the Up & Up Sport spray from Target*. I have to admit that I probably would have gone for a higher-priced choice if I hadn’t seen a favorable Consumer Reports review via WebMD.

It’s rare that I make it this far into the summer without at least one sunburn; no matter how much I protect myself and reapply sunscreen, I’m just destined for a burn. But this year, all has been well.

I’ve also been using an SPF 15 lip balm that was a Kaiser Permanente giveaway at a health fair. Not only does it protect my lips from the sun, but it does a great job of keeping them soft.

*I was surprised to see that one of the reviewers claims that the sunscreen killed her grass almost immediately. I stand on the grass to apply it to myself and haven’t seen any signs of herbicidal issues.

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