Rain, Rain, Go Away

Usually, “rainy season” ends in March. This year, we’re staring Memorial Day in the eye and still dealing with chilly temps and cloudbursts. Dear Mother Nature: I’ve had enough.

After my Sunday night 5K run, I used Monday as a much-needed rest day. Each year I think that the anniversary of my mother’s death will get easier, and yet somehow I’m always surprised by how much it takes out of me both mentally and physically.

On Tuesday, I did my usual hour of kickboxing, but my rhythm was off. Way off. One of the best parts of kickboxing is its ability to chase everything else from my brain. This time, my mind wandered and my feet followed. Sure, I still worked hard, but I spent a lot of time playing catch-up and trying to find the beat.

Today was supposed to be cloudy but rain-free. That turned out to be completely untrue. I spent an hour watching bands of showers approach on the weather radar before giving up on an outdoor workout and opting instead for Wii Fit while listening to a recorded webcast. No, it’s not nearly the same as a run or an hour of kickboxing, but 45 minutes of yoga, strength training and “Rhythm Boxing” (like cardio kickboxing without the bag) turned out to give me a better workout than I’d expected. I noticed that my boxing timing is much better, and my punches are much crisper than they were two months ago. Very interesting to see a noticeable change.

Tomorrow will test my six-day-a-week training resolve. My schedule is packed from 9:00 to 4:00, but I’m determined to keep the momentum going, particularly since I have a meeting with my Team in Training mentor tomorrow night. I have standards to uphold.

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