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What Would Betty Do Logo Asparagus Salad

This recipe was loosely based on a very tasty salad that I had at Nordstrom Bistro in Dallas last fall. I’ve made it a few times in the past, and couldn’t quite get the necessary bite from the sun dried tomato dressing. This time I mixed two kinds of vinegar and used spring garlic instead […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Creamy Tangy Cole Slaw

I’d been looking for a lightly creamy cole slaw that doesn’t weigh down the benefits of raw cabbage with an ocean of fat and calories. Unable to find one online, I whipped up my own. I try very hard to avoid processed foods — things with ingredients not found in nature. Mayo pretty much violates […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo In a Pickle

If there’s one food-related love that I share with my grandmother, it’s pickles. There was never a Sunday dinner without some form of pickle on the table. Betty and I would debate the merits of the pickle du jour — too much dill, not enough garlic — while everyone else ignored them entirely. Wandering through […] Read More