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What Would Betty Do Logo Betty Says: Spending a Fortune on Unmentionables

Why is Underwear So Damned Expensive? Hi Betty, Back-to-school shopping really crushed my fall budget, but my favorite running bra also just gave up the ghost. Why does underwear have to be so damned expensive? And is it really worth it? – Bouncing in Burbank I’m with you, Bouncing. I did a really great job […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Betty Says: A Public Service Announcement About Swimwear

Ladies, after my visit to Hawaii it’s become abundantly clear that we need to have a talk about swimwear. First we’ll discuss what’s right and what’s wrong, and then I’ll tell you the best swimwear brands based on the unscientific method of surveying random beachgoers. Ready? If it doesn’t have enough support to wear it […] Read More