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What Would Betty Do Logo Training: New Bike

A Bike for Tall Women Ever since the All Bike, All the Time experiment began in the Spring, I’ve been hankering for more of an around-town cruiser: something with a upright riding position, cargo capability, a chain guard to keep my jeans from getting greasy, fenders for all-weather riding, internal hub for easy shifting, and […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Training: Skip the Runs, Run the Races

I Like Racing Better Than Training I have been an abysmally bad runner lately. Sometimes I struggle to think of myself as a runner when I can’t drag my butt out for even the shortest training run.┬áNaturally, I have registered my ill-prepared self for three 5k races this month. Wait, what? Naturally? Hey, I like […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Making My Bike Useful

When I was a kid, I rode my bike everywhere. I walked into Kmart shortly after my 12th birthday, carefully counted out two years’ worth of saved cash from birthdays and Christmases, and walked out with a royal blue ten speed that I adored. No helmet, of course. What kind of tool would have worn […] Read More