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What Would Betty Do Logo Lemony Pasta with Spring Vegetables

Lemon Pasta Primavera This is a variation on a Cook’s Illustrated recipe for spaghetti al limone, a great recipe in its own right. I’ve modified it to add spring vegetables, using whatever I had on hand, to create a makeshift primavera. The heavy cream makes the recipe sound daunting and heavy, but 1/4 cup spread […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Allergy (is Such a Lonely Word)

Please forgive the awful title of this post, but as I lay on the couch, groggy yet awake in the night, surrounded by a pile of tissues, my twisted mind started singing to the tune of Billy Joel’s “Honesty:” “Alllllergyyyyy, is such a lonely word….” I’m going to blame this entire post on the Benadryl. […] Read More