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What Would Betty Do Logo How to Grow Tomatoes: Part 2

Preparing Tomato Containers Now that your tomato seeds have been ordered and are sprouting on your kitchen window sill, it’s time to move on to Phase 2: what to plant them in. You will need the following: The largest plastic storage tubs that you can get your hands on. We used the 54 gallon Roughneck […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo How To Grow Tomatoes: Part 1

Tomato Seeds This is the first of a series that is going to teach you how to build the most intensely over-engineered tomato garden. It will also result in the most amazing tomato plants you’ve ever grown. How are we going to do that, you ask? Eventually I’m going to send you to your local […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Betty Says: WTF, Monsanto?

I have a very distinct childhood memory. I was in third grade, or thereabouts, and we had to bring food seeds from home: root vegetables that had sprouted, or seeds from a fruit, like an orange. I planted a lemon seed, and was so deeply proud of it as I brought it home in its […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Try Something New: Muesli

We’ve reached the season where I’m no longer interested in a hot oatmeal breakfast each morning, but I’m increasingly dissatisfied with the cold cereal choices that are out there. Even the healthiest ones have a lot of additives and stuff that I just don’t need. And so I decided to give my own muesli a […] Read More