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What Would Betty Do Logo Training: The Week After the Race

Post-Race Recovery This week, after running 13.1 miles through hilly San Francisco, I went out and ran at least three miles every day. Ha! As if! I spent the week parked squarely on my ass. Mostly. Truthfully, I felt pretty good this week. I scheduled a calf massage for Monday morning; you might call it […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Training: The Long Road to Race Day

Half Marathon Taper Tips It’s the 18th week on the Team in Training calendar, and the last long run is in the bank. With just three weeks to go until the Nike Women’s Marathon, here are a few tips that I’ve learned in recent years. (My apologies for linking to the race’s Facebook page, but […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Injuries

The article in Runner’s World came at just the right time. The nagging tightness and discomfort in my twisted ankle wasn’t going away, in spite of warming up thoroughly, stopping to stretch it, and trying to ignore it completely. Injury fact: denial never makes an injury go away. With the words of the article rattling […] Read More