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What Would Betty Do Logo Fruity Chicken Salad

I’m not a big fan of mayo. It just seems too thick and too creamy for my liking. Naturally, it makes no sense that I’d be on a quest for a recipe for chicken salad that didn’t make me gag. I tried all kinds of mayo alternatives: Greek yogurt, sour cream and strange concoctions involving […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Dear Betty: What’s In Your Fridge?

It’s been a while since I’ve answered questions from you, my lovely readers. I’ll fix that today. Dear Betty, I looked in my nearly barren refrigerator and discovered that I have three open bottles of white wine (I had a wine tasting at my house over the weekend, and we didn’t finish the whites), one […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Creamy Tangy Cole Slaw

I’d been looking for a lightly creamy cole slaw that doesn’t weigh down the benefits of raw cabbage with an ocean of fat and calories. Unable to find one online, I whipped up my own. I try very hard to avoid processed foods — things with ingredients not found in nature. Mayo pretty much violates […] Read More