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What Would Betty Do Logo New Fertility Options for Oncology Patients

Last year, when training with Team in Training, I heard more than a few stories about the fertility worries of leukemia and lymphoma patients. These blood cancers tend to strike at a younger age than many other cancers, making fertility more of an issue, and one that I admit that I’d never really thought about […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Kid Fitness: Starting Them Early

I have a very active four-year-old son. He’s in constant motion from the time he wakes up until the moment he falls asleep. We watch very little television and his only exposure to video games (so far) involves Wii Sports. I know that he’s an anomaly, and not everyone is so lucky. I have great […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Go for a Walk

With all of my emphasis on higher-impact aerobic and strength training, it’s easy to gloss over the importance of walking for exercise. The truth is, it’s a great low-impact form of aerobic activity that’s not only good for your heart, it’s also good for improving your mood. Just like what I love about running, walking […] Read More

What Would Betty Do Logo Mammograms

Last year, there was a media uproar over the change in guidelines for routine mammograms. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) changed their guidance to suggest that women at average risk for breast cancer shouldn’t get their first mammogram until age 50, then every two years thereafter. In contrast, the American Cancer Society (ACS) […] Read More