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Chicken Parmesan Soup

Thick, Hearty Slow Cooker Soup Hey, y’all! Baseball season means that it’s slow cooker season, the time of year when meals need to be fully cooked and waiting when we arrive home from practice and games. I’ve seen some recipes for chicken parmesan soup online, but as usual, I have my own version. I start […] Read More

Blue Apron Follow-Up

A Review of the Meal Service Earlier this year, I gave a review of my first week with Blue Apron, a service that delivers recipes and precisely measured ingredients to your home. Since then, we’ve done several more weeks with the service, and I have mixed feelings about the process. The Pros No meal planning. I don’t […] Read More

Salad in a Jar

Eliminate the Lunchtime Guesswork I hate dealing with lunch. Hate it. I work from a home office, and I don’t have anyone to drag me away from my desk for a social lunchtime event. I never want to prepare a proper meal (more dishes? no thanks) and sometimes I’ve spent all of my food-related interest on […] Read More

Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should We’ve entered what I semi-affectionately call slow cooker season. This is the time of year where baseball begins and we get home late two to three nights a week. I live and die by my slow cooker, a Crock Pot programmable model (see a screen shot of a […] Read More

Indian Lentils

Making Indian Lentils in the Pressure Cooker The Husband has always been a big fan of pressure cookers. I, on the other hand, regard them with a healthy level of fear, not entirely sure if the thing is going to blow and kill me. Plus, being able to cook foods in such short periods of […] Read More

Tikka Masala

Quick and Easy Homemade Tikka Masala The Assistant loves tikka masala. Loves it. Last night, when he realized that I was cooking Indian, he literally jumped up and down in the kitchen like a crazy person. Honestly, how can I say no to that? You can make the recipe with chicken, paneer or vegetables. I […] Read More

Vegetable Broth: Less Kitchen Waste

Turn Your Kitchen Waste Into Broth I hate throwing away food. Hate it. But supermarkets are designed to sell you more than you need. Do I need a giant bag of celery? Nope, just a few stalks. I always seem to have a couple of carrots that are passing their prime. And how about that half […] Read More

Pork Shoulder Steaks

St. Louis-Style Pork Shoulder The Assistant’s school has partnered with Farmigo, a service where you can order farmer’s market-type locally grown/raised food and have it delivered to school. One week, they were out of the classic pork loin chops and offered a pork shoulder steak instead. I’d never heard of it before, but figured I’d give […] Read More

Blue Apron Review

Inside the Magical Blue Apron Box Have you heard of Blue Apron? It’s a very interesting concept: exact portions of fresh ingredients come shipped to your home, complete with detailed, full-color recipe cards. It’s designed to not only eliminate shopping (and impulse buying) at the supermarket, but also helps to control portion sizes, which may […] Read More

Pesto Bread

The Best Thing Since Sliced Pesto Bread “Have you ever made pesto bread?” my friend asked. “It’s so good! I saw it on Pinterest, but you can find recipes anywhere. Just Google it.” She wasn’t kidding. A Google search for pesto bread brings back 26 million results. “Can you be a little more specific?” I […] Read More