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It seems that my favorite crochet creations follow two distinct themes: Möbius infinity scarves in bulky weight yarns…

Chenille, alpaca and acrylic Möbius scarves.

The same Möbius pattern in lighter weight yarns…

Varying types of wool with different texture and loft.

And much lighter weight shawls and scarves made with yarn that has cool effects.

The yarn on the left is a sparkly nylon with a lightly variegated color that brings a ton of depth to it. The right is a simple cotton, but the color change makes it dynamic and interesting.

And that doesn’t even include the ones that I’ve given away as gifts, or the three cardigans that I’ve made over the years.

I might have bought some lovely wool on sale in England, because who could pass up great wool at a great price?

And maybe even more at another sale here in California when I returned. The purple has already become an infinity scarf for my friend.

But I’m really enjoying it. I’m learning more with every project I complete. I’m sharing my knowledge with others because I’m a nerd and that’s what I do. But I also think it’s a great activity to share. Depending on the complexity of the project, you can stretch your brain as much or as little as you want. I have two projects going right now: one that requires counting and focus, and another that I can do effortlessly even at my son’s jiu-jitsu class when everyone is counting reps aloud. It keeps my brain happy.

So what’s next? Well, I’m considering selling some of my crochet creations in a pop-up boutique. I got my California seller’s permit, so I’m legal now. Anything’s possible.

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