If You Give a Mom a Running Buddy

Finding Unexpected Motivation

Reprinted from something I posted to the Another Mother Runner No Limits 10k Challenge on Strava.

runningI signed up for this 10k challenge not because I had a 10k in mind, but just to keep me going in the winter. I’m not good at self-motivated running, and I hoped that this would push me to log some miles.

Because I’m not a good self-motivated runner, I met up with a Team in Training alumni group that was training for a half marathon (which whittled down to two of us).

Because there were only two of us, and I was feeling good, I didn’t turn around at my 10k challenge distance, but kept going to match her distance.

Because I kept going, I ended up working my way up to an 11-mile run, and even felt good afterwards.

Because I felt good, I signed up for the half marathon that I’ll be running this morning.

And all because I signed up for a 10k challenge. Funny how that works.

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